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Your house is probably the biggest asset that you will own, so when it comes to selling your biggest asset you want to do it right and get the best value for your property.

The very first thing you need to ensure is that the Salesperson or Consultant you choose to work with is actually WORKING FOR YOU and not themselves or worst still the buyer.  Believe us, we know from our own past experience how this is all too common as the Salesperson is really just chasing the commission.  This approach will not serve you will and is very unlikely to achieve the best result for you.  When we first decided to pursue our passion for property by becoming licensed sales consultants, we were both absolutely determined to do this with a determination to be committed to working for our clients or vendors. 

6 things you need to do to sell for 10pc moreThat is why we chose our Brand tag line as 'Committed to working for you'.what our customers are saying

Yes Licensed Real Estate Sales Consultants only get paid on success, so we work FREE for you until we succeed in selling your property and believe me there is a lot of hard work that goes into doing this well to achieve the best result for you our client or vendor.  But don't let the fact that we do need to get paid put you off using our services, at the end of the day what is it you are most interested in ie. getting the best result or the success fee you will pay to acheiver that?  Ultimately you need someone who has the time, expertise and resources to achieve the best possible result for you with your most valuable asset.

Did you know for example that a good Sales Consultant can typically sell your house for 5-10% more than you might achieve by trying to sell your property by yourself?

Why is this you ask?

Well here are some key reasons for this:

  1. A good Sales Consultant knows the market at all times AND WILL MARKET YOUR HOME TO ACHIEVE THE BEST POSSIBLE RESULT FOR YOU
  2. A good Sales Consultant has a large network of buyers, WITH HARCOURTS WE HAVE THE LARGEST NETWORK IN NEW ZEALAND
  3. A good Sales Consultant knows how to market your property, WITH HARCOURTS WE HAVE ACCESS TO ALL THE BEST TOOLS
  4. A good Sales Consultant has a team of people working for them who are all experts in marketing and selling property, WITH HARCOURTS WE HAVE THE LARGEST TEAM IN NEW ZEALAND
  5. A good Sales Consultant will have a proven strategy on how best to sell and negotiate with potential buyers to secure the best outcome

So just a 5% higher selling price, clearly highlights why you should not focus on the cost but on the result.

Even the method you choose to sell your property by can significantly influence the result and again a good Sales Consultant knows this and knows what will be the best method for selling your home at any given point in time to meet your needs.

For example putting a price on a property immediately makes buyers think about how much less they can buy your property for, whereas to have no pricehome appraisal cropped on your property forces buyers to have to think about how much are they willing to pay.  This is an entirely different focus.  But selling without a price will only be completely successful when you have the right sales and marketing and negotiation plan in place. 

So don’t hesitate to ask us to sell your property, we know we can secure the best possible result for you and we would love to help you achieve this. 

But there is lots more, we are backed by the very best Brand in Real Estate, Harcourts have been voted by ordinary New Zealanders as their MOST TRUSTED BRAND IN REAL ESTATE for SIX years running.

Our internal systems link all 193 offices we have in New Zealand and a further 830 Offices around the World with 403 of these in Australia alone.  We have 6300 (2,500 in NZ) Sales Consultants around the world.  So we can sell your property to any potential buyer around New Zealand (50% of all northland properties are currently being purchased by people outside of the area) and to potential buyers around the World, if you have a unique home this could attrack overseas buyers.   See Harcourts Facts.

We have 27 associate Sales Consultants in our Whangarei Office, this provides a huge network of connecting Sellers with Buyers and an extremely important point when 40% of our Buyers come from within our Network.

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