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Contemporary Small Bathroom: Space-Saving Ideas

Even though having a small bathroom can be a bit challenging from time to time, trust us, it’s not as bad as it might seem. On the other hand, implementing all the necessary bathroom elements while still trying to make room in a small bathroom can be really difficult.  Luckily, there are a few tricks that can help you maximise the free space in your bathroom, so let’s learn something about them. 

Get everything you can off the ground

bathroom image1By getting everything off the ground, you’ll immediately free up some floor space. Even though this won’t actually do that much in terms of space saving, extra floor space will create an illusion of a bigger space. Therefore, float your vanity and your wash basin, and install a wall-mounted toilet. When talking about the toilet, an actual space-saving tip would be to combine it with a bidet by getting a bidet toilet seat instead of two separate fixtures. Finally, instead of layering your storage solutions on the floor, move them up. Open and mirror-front shelves will make the room appear larger and will open up the space nicely.

Get rid of unnecessary elements

bathroom image2

Since you’re already working with a limited amount of space, get rid of all the elements of the bathroom design you deem unnecessary. For example, instead of installing a plain, boring shower curtain, you can opt for a frameless, fixed shower screen. This will open up the room by removing a visual barrier between the shower area and the rest of your bathroom, again creating the illusion of a bigger room, especially if you opt for a clear glass screen. Therefore, browse contemporary bathroom supplies and find similar products that will allow you to visually manipulate the available space you have in your bathroom.

Elongate your counter

For some added space, you can elongate your counter and extend it over the toilet. You can achieve this by using a wooden or stone slab that you will place above the toilet tank. This way, you’ll end up with a long counter that can hold more items without affecting the usability of your toilet. This part of the counter would be a perfect place to hold a toilet paper roll, air freshener and some scented candles.

Move your wash basin into the corner

bathroom image3

If your bathroom is particularly narrow, you can choose to move your washbasin into the corner, and thus free up some additional traffic space. This way, instead of having to manoeuvre between the wash basin and the toilet whenever you want to reach the far end of your bathroom, you’ll have no problem passing through. Further, not only is this option wise if you have a small bathroom, but it looks very chic and unique.

Rethink the design

The design also plays a huge role in making your small bathroom feel bigger. Therefore, see if you can do anything design-wise to make your bathroom appear more spacious. For example, going for smaller patterns is the most common mistake people make. This only creates visual clutter and makes your bathroom appear smaller than it actually is. You should think in terms of large-scale patterns, preferably in white and neutral tones. Also, instead of just having a small mirror above your vanity or wash basin, expand the mirror across the wall. Additionally, you can even have two mirrors facing each other for the maximum effect.

Let there be light

Finally, a place that is well-lit will instantly feel more open. Therefore, if you’re lucky enough to have a window, make the most of it. If not, however, you should layer the lighting in your bathroom and properly illuminate its every corner. Of course, always go for LED or CFL light bulbs as they offer better illumination and waste far less energy than incandescent light bulbs.

As you can see, making some additional room in a small bathroom is not that difficult. You just need to know which aspects you should pay attention to the most to make this entire process as seamless as possible.

By Lillian Connor

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