Backyard ideas for every home

Backyard ideas for every home

Many homeowners understand the importance of a well-kept backyard landscape. As a matter of fact, one should plan out and design a backyard in a way that it is livable and suits the homeowners’ lifestyle. Someone who is more inclined towards nature and peace might consider a backyard as a retreat from a busy schedule. On the other hand, party goers might want to turn this area of their home into a place where the fun never stops. If you are feeling stuck and uninspired, here are a couple of amazing backyard ideas for every home. Read more

Contemporary Kitchen Remodel

Contemporary Kitchen Remodel: A Harmonious Marriage of Style and Function

The kitchen is so much more than just a room where you go to prepare and eat your meals. It’s also the place where the entire family gets together at least once every day and, aside from sharing a deliciously prepared meal, share their stories and events of the day that is soon to be behind them. Precisely because of that, every kitchen is a special place and, as such, deserves a special treatment when it comes to style. So, if you’re planning on remodelling your kitchen, here are some interesting ways you can bring together both style and function and tie them in the holy matrimony. Read more

Effectively Staging Your Home’s Exterior

Effectively Staging Your Home’s Exterior Might Be Easier than You Think

If you’re planning to sell your home, the path to success is making all the necessary preparations so that it stands out from the rest of the neighbourhood and gives off the impression of a property well-maintained, both on the outside and inside. First impressions count a great deal in the real estate industry and they can be a crucial factor in sealing the deal. If you neglect your home exterior and fail to make it appealing and inviting, potential buyers will drive by and never return.

If you’re aiming to get top dollar, curb appeal is your ace in the hole, so make sure you spruce up your home exterior to help sell the interior as well. A beautiful front yard, welcoming porch, neat back yard, and maintained landscaping are key factors that will lead your buyers into thinking they could be the ones enjoying in all that splendour.

Here are several useful tips guaranteed to help you achieve your goal. Read more

Things You Don’t Want to Forget When Moving into a New Home

Things You Don’t Want to Forget When Moving into a New Home

Moving house is an overwhelming task and many things can get lost or be forgotten in the process, from actual objects to the smallest bits of paperwork or important documentation. And you only find out about it when you’re already at your new location and it’s too late.

Here’s a list of things you don’t want to forget in the midst of your move.

Correct packing material

This might sound insignificant, but using incorrect packing material could cause you a lot of damage and a big headache. Fragile boxes can easily collapse under weight and bin bags full of clothes can tear by accident and you’ll find yourself in the midst of your scattered possessions! The same thing goes for any type of container that you haven’t sealed properly.

Make sure you have enough boxes and containers. You can rely on the professional estimate of a removal surveyor from a moving company, or if you insist on doing it by yourself, it’s best you overestimate. Don’t be cheap at this point and purchase good quality packing material from a removal company so you can be sure they’ll withstand the move.

Choice of things to pack

Once you get into the full swing of packing you might get carried away and pack things you don’t need any more, while forgetting the essentials needed on the day of the move. Its best you make a list of things you need to have with you on the move day: a change of clothes, toilet paper, phone chargers, towels, toiletries, your personal documents and some food. Also, make sure you separate the things you’ll need to access immediately at your new home when you start unpacking. This is particularly important if you’re moving abroad and you might not get your things for several weeks.

Labelling boxes

It’s easy to forget little things in a rush, such as labelling boxes. It doesn’t sound like a big mistake, but the consequences can be quite horrific. The relocation itself is stressful, but when you finally arrive at your new home, the last thing you want is to realize it’s impossible to find anything in the sea of unlabelled boxes. Mark the boxes with the name of the room they are to go to and their content. Make sure you specify the ones containing fragile things and the ones that have priority over others.

Moving your utilities

On the moving day, you will probably remember to turn off the gas, electricity, water and all the switches, but what might slip your mind is arranging the move of your house utilities to your new location. Fortunately, this is no longer a lengthy and stressful task. You can now rely on professional people taking care of moving house utilities for you. With only one phone call, all is completed in a matter of minutes. That is surely one large item off your check list and one worry less.

Avoiding Friday as your move day

One of the most notorious days for moving is Friday. Although it might be very tempting to pick this day, as it would mean you’d have the whole weekend to unpack in peace, try to resist it. Fridays have always been the busiest days in removal company’s schedules, so you’ll probably end up struggling to find an available mover and probably paying a higher price. Certain pros, as this removalist from Sydney, for instance, will work with you on devising the best plan and timescale to make sure your move goes smoothly, efficiently and safely.

Letting everyone know about the move

Once you’ve packed everything, survived the move and settled in your new home, think about who knows you’re gone. You’d be surprised how easy it is to forget to inform family and friends about relocation. Therefore, as soon as you’ve confirmed the date of your move, let everyone know: family, friends, the bank, insurers, your office and the Post Office so they can redirect your mail.

It’s obvious that relocation of your home and family is not something to be taken lightly, so start planning in time, about 4 to 6 weeks prior to your move. The key to a successful, smooth and stress-free relocation is good preparation and organisation.

By Lillian Connors


What to Consider When Thinking About a Granny Flat

Due to changed demographics and lifestyle, as well as soaring property prices, granny flats are becoming an increasingly popular option, and not only for elderly citizens, but also for single workers in their 20s and 30s and young couples. They are also nice additions to have when you want to have a place for guests to stay or a rental property. Regardless of why you are considering buying or constructing a granny flat, this may be a brilliant idea. However, there are some things you need to consider when beginning and throughout the construction to end up with the best space you can get.

Getting approval

A granny flat or a secondary suite requires a permit to be built or installed at a block of land. Despite the myth that this approval is difficult to get, because of the new planning policies for increasing affordable rental house, it is easier to get the construction approved. Of course, it must adhere to the building code of your state. If everything is by the book, you can get your permit in ten to twenty days.

Establishing a budget

How much money you have will have a significant impact on the size, appearance and furnishing of the granny flat. As for the building the granny flat, costs can vary between $10k and $120k, depending on the method you choose.

Buying or building?

This is one of the factors that affects the price the most. The most affordable option is to buy a pre-fabricated granny flat. Their usual size is 15 square meters, but you can opt for a bigger one. For such a purchase, you should ask whether the plumbing and electrical costs are included. If you opt for the custom build option, experienced granny flat builders can construct an object that will satisfy all your needs, and that even fits in its own kitchen and laundry. This option is more expensive, but in the end, more practical.

Determining the size

You will know how big your granny flat needs to be once you figure out how you are going to use it. Will you rent it? Will your mother-in-law live there? Will you and your partner live there? Depending on the number of people and its function (primary or secondary residence) you will be able to determine the square footage you need.

Optimizing the limited space

Tiny living has grown in popularity in recent years and it has motivated us to find innovative ways to use our living space. This means using vertical storage and multifunctional furniture pieces, as well as using up every inch of the space available.

Creating comfort

While you do have to make some sacrifice to fit everything in a constrained place, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it comfortable. In fact, such a tiny place doesn’t even need a lot of effort invested to feel loungy. You will achieve this with standard additions like shag rugs, velvety cushions, soft blankets, etc.

Basic necessities

What are the two most important rooms in the house? The kitchen and the bathroom. Many people are skeptical when it comes to installing them into the granny flat because they are often small and basic. This doesn’t mean they have to be unpractical. A basic bathroom needs a toilet, shower, sink and a mirror. The kitchen needs downsizing of appliances, but it should be fully equipped for maximum functionality of the household.

Minimalist décor

Small spaces look better and more open when decorated with a minimalist approach. This means embracing a design style, such as Scandinavian, which focuses on light colors, minimum clutter, hidden storage and plenty of natural lighting. All of this helps highlight and enhance this otherwise restricted space.

Outdoor space

Finally, if you want your granny flat to truly feel like home, you can complete the look with a garden and exterior landscaping. You can amplify the overall look and feel by growing hedges in trenches around the object, putting up lattice on one of the outside walls, planting trees near the foundations and building a gutter garden. Such combination of the interior and exterior turns a secondary home into a primary one.

In today’s crazy economy, building a granny flat is a good investment. And if you consider everything you need to, you will surely create a beautiful place to stay or permanently live, without any budgeting or legal issues.

By Derek Lotts

Kitchen Lighting Design Tips

Kitchen Lig

Having juhting Types and Design Tipsst one light fixture at the center of your kitchen ceiling might have worked for people in the past, but nowadays things are quite different. The reason for this change hides in the fact that, in the past, the kitchen was simply a place where you cooked and all you needed light for was not to chop off your finger along with your onions. Today, however, the kitchen is also a place where families spends time together and we even entertain guests. Here are some tips on how to install and blend together the different layers of lighting and make your kitchen look great.

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Getting Ready to Sell Your Loved Home

Selling your home – do you want to know how much your loved home is worth?

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