Things you don't want to forget when moving home
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Things You Don't Want to Forget When Moving into a New Home

Moving house is an overwhelming task and many things can get lost or be forgotten in the process, from actual objects to the smallest bits of paperwork or important documentation. And you only find out about it when you’re already at your new location and it’s too late.

Here’s a list of things you don’t want to forget in the midst of your move.

Correct packing material

image01This might sound insignificant, but using incorrect packing material could cause you a lot of damage and a big headache. Fragile boxes can easily collapse under weight and bin bags full of clothes can tear by accident and you’ll find yourself in the midst of your scattered possessions! The same thing goes for any type of container that you haven’t sealed properly.

Make sure you have enough boxes and containers. You can rely on the professional estimate of a removal surveyor from a moving company, or if you insist on doing it by yourself, it’s best you overestimate. Don’t be cheap at this point and purchase good quality packing material from a removal company so you can be sure they’ll withstand the move.

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Effective staging of your home exterior
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Effectively Staging Your Home's Exterior Might Be Easier than You Think   

If you’re planning to sell your home, the path to success is making all the necessary preparations so that it stands out from the rest of the neighbourhood and gives off the impression of a property well-maintained, both on the outside and inside. First impressions count a great deal in the real estate industry and they can be a crucial factor in sealing the deal. If you neglect your home exterior and fail to make it appealing and inviting, potential buyers will drive by and never return.

If you’re aiming to get top dollar, curb appeal is your ace in the hole, so make sure you spruce up your home exterior to help sell the interior as well. A beautiful front yard, welcoming porch, neat back yard, and maintained landscaping are key factors that will lead your buyers into thinking they could be the ones enjoying in all that splendour.

Here are several useful tips guaranteed to help you achieve your goal.

Staging Exterior01

Updates and repairs

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How to paint your ceiling like a pro
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How to Paint a Ceiling Like a Pro

A new coat of paint can work wonders for the visual appeal of an interior space. This is one of the easiest and most affordable home upgrades, but there are still a couple of important things to keep an eye on. Unlike wall painting, the task involves elevation and contortion. What is more, the whole process can be rather time-consuming due to details that surround the painting, such as prepping the surface and emptying the room beforehand. So, to come out on top, it is best to take lessons from seasoned pros able to make short work of any ceiling.

Prep work

To set the stage for painting, remove all furniture from the room. This will facilitate the free flow of traffic while you go about painting. If you cannot move some stuff, use drop cloths to protect them from paint splatters and mishaps. In case you are painting only the ceiling, you also have to cover areas where the walls meet the ceiling with painter’s tape. Do the same with mouldings that adorn ceiling edges. As for those who are painting the whole room, they should always start with the ceiling.

In any event, the prep stage is essential for project success. To kick it off, apply a coat of primer. It will provide a stain barrier and potentially enable you to use only one coat of paint to finish the project. Also, a stain-blocking primer is effective in covering flaws such as roof leaks, tobacco smoke marks and other stains. One of the most commonly used products is a spray can of pigmented shellac. At this point, you may also inspect the ceiling for bumps and crud that tend to emerge over time. Try sanding with a drywall sanding paper to deal with them.


Get it rolling

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