Buying A House? Don’t Make Mistakes!
Buying A House? Don’t Make Mistakes!
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5 Things Every First Home Buyer Should Know

 If you’re getting ready to buy your first home, here are five crucial things you need to know.

1.  Help is at hand!

As a first home buyer in New Zealand you may be eligible for various types of support.

  • If you are a citizen or permanent resident, have never owned property before and earn less than $85,000 (or $130,000 combined income if you are buying with other people), you could qualify for a Welcome Home Loan. This is a special mortgage underwritten by Housing New Zealand.

With a Welcome Home Loan you’ll only need to save a deposit of 10% instead of the standard 20%, which can make it much easier to get into your own home. However, this will mean you’ll pay more in interest over the long term, since you’ll be borrowing more – and you’ll also have to pay a 1% Lender’s Mortgage Insurance premium, to protect the lender in case you can’t make your mortgage payments.

  • If you have been a member of KiwiSaver for at least three years you may be able to draw money from your super fund to use as deposit on your home.
  • If you have been contributing consistently to Kiwisaver for at least three years you could qualify for a KiwiSaver HomeStart grant of up to $5,000 towards your home deposit (or up to $10,000 if you are buying a new-build home).
  • 2.  You need to be disciplined about saving

Even if you do qualify for a Welcome Home Loan and only need a 10% deposit, saving can be the most challenging thing about buying your first home.

While you are saving, house prices may continue to rise, so it can feel like you never get any closer to your target.

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Contemporary small bathroom
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Contemporary Small Bathroom: Space-Saving Ideas

Even though having a small bathroom can be a bit challenging from time to time, trust us, it’s not as bad as it might seem. On the other hand, implementing all the necessary bathroom elements while still trying to make room in a small bathroom can be really difficult.  Luckily, there are a few tricks that can help you maximise the free space in your bathroom, so let’s learn something about them. 

Get everything you can off the ground

bathroom image1By getting everything off the ground, you’ll immediately free up some floor space. Even though this won’t actually do that much in terms of space saving, extra floor space will create an illusion of a bigger space. Therefore, float your vanity and your wash basin, and install a wall-mounted toilet. When talking about the toilet, an actual space-saving tip would be to combine it with a bidet by getting a bidet toilet seat instead of two separate fixtures. Finally, instead of layering your storage solutions on the floor, move them up. Open and mirror-front shelves will make the room appear larger and will open up the space nicely.

Get rid of unnecessary elements

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Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly Kitchen
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Must-Have Updates for an Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Do you want to join the ‘green’ movement and become more energy-savvy and eco-friendly? One of the best places to start is the kitchen. Even though it usually takes up only a small portion of the total square footage of your home, your kitchen wastes a lot of energy and resources! However, having an energy-efficient kitchen that conserves electricity and water is right within your arm’s reach with these easy and practical updates.

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Conserve water

The bathroom and the kitchen have the highest water usage in the whole household. Luckily, there are a few easy fixes you can do in order to reduce water consumption and waste. Start with your dishwasher. If you have an old model, the chances you’re wasting a lot of water are huge! Search online for newer models that work more efficiently and make your dishes sparkly clean with only a fraction of water your old washer used. You can also replace your old taps with low-flow ones that reduce the water flow and prevent too much clean water from being wasted.

Improve your insulation

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