How Team Davis Can Help You Sell Your Property

TD PhotoTeam Davis would love to help you Sell your Property.  We have an indepth Needs approach to developing the Right Marketing Campaign and Method for Selling Your Property to meet YOUR NEEDS.  So please give us a call as we are committed to working for YOU and we would love to help you on one of life's more important journeys.  CONTACT US NOW!

Our step by step guide can help you stay on the right path throughout the sales process

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Congrats on making the decision to sell your home! Now the challenge is getting the best possible price for your house. Set yourself up for success and do your research so you can choose the right real estate company for you.

The first thing to do is to get a Free Market Appraisal for Your Property, this will provide you with a good understand of the current market and just what your property might sell for in the current market.

Make sure that you familiarise yourself with industry jargon by reading through our handy Glossary Of Real Estate Terms. 


  • C.  PRICE

Below we have listed the key steps you will need to take to ensure that the process of selling your property is a successful one.


You’re free to choose any Real Estate Agent, this is a Real Estate Company that is Licensed by the Real Estate Agents Authority as an Agent under the Real Esate what our customers are sayingAgents Act 2008 (REAA 2008) to sell property within New Zealand

Not all Real Estate companies are equal, some really do stand out - check out the one that has been VOTED THE MOST TRUSTED BRAND IN NEW ZEALAND! 

The Agent contracts a Salesperson (or Consultant) Licensed by the REAA 2008 to sell property within New Zealand for an Agent. It is the Licensed Salesperson or Consultant that will be the one to arrange your initial meeting, discussing your marketing options and providing you with a free market appraisal.They will also be able to advise you on the best type of agency agreement.The Agency Agreement Guide. 

6 things you need to do to sell for 10pc moreThe most important thing your Sales Consultant needs to do is prepare for you a thorough Market Analysis of the Current Market Value of your Property.  They will do this initially by preparing a CMA (Competitive Market Analysis).  In this they will pull together other properties in your area that are the same or similar to your property.  They will identify properties recently sold and properties currently listed on the market for sale.  This means that the Property Value Analysis is based on todays market. This will help you to establish a realistic SELLING PRICE RANGE with the Sales Consultants help.

You need to make sure you get the right Sales Consultant to sell your Property, one that is working for YOU and not the Buyer or Themselves.

Please check out 'Selling your property with Team Davis'.


With the help of a Sales Consultant, together you need to decide on the best way to market your home with an agreed Sales Method.   This is one of the most important decisions you need to make and getting the best advice is critical at this point. 

The key issue here is whether to market with a price or without a price.  Once you have agreed on the best method you can get your property listed and on the market and get on with the process of selling your property!

Once on the market your Sales Consultant needs to be in constant communication with you, keeping you advised of what is happening and most of all of the feedback they are getting from potential buyers.  Please check out OUR PROMISE around this.


As potential buyers approach your property they need to see it in the best possible way.  The first impression your home gives is its most critical, so it’s essential that you take the time to ensure it looks its very best. Our team can give you the inside tips and tricks on preparing your home for sale. We have some great tips and tricks for preparing your home for sale


Your Sales Consultants will develop a marketing campaign for your property to ensure your property will get noticed by all potenital buyers! A Real Estate ‘For Sale’ sign will go up on your property, and our consultant will arrange for professional-quality photos to be taken for a marketing campaign. Advertisements will be placed in the Real Estate Property Guide, window photo displays will be put up in appropriate real estate offices and flyers will be distributed in the community. Your property will be featured on a new listings email, as well as our site and other prominent property websites.


We will arrange a viewing of your property for all our sales team, ensuring that each one has a good feel for your home. Individual consultants may already have buyers on their list who are interested in a home just like yours, so taking the time for this appointment is essential.


All enquiries are taken by your Sales Consultant and they will vet these to ensure that only the serious buyers are given priority to view your property.  Your Sales Consultants will make all the arrangements to bring all potential buyers through your property.  After all visits all feedback will be discussed with you.


Any offers made will be written up in a Sales and Purchase Agreement - download a sample copy here  - and sent to you for your consideration. At this point negotiations can begin. With weekly reports on your property and regular discussions with your sales consultant, you’ll have all the information you need to ensure that you’re in a great position to negotiate.


Both parties reach agreement and the signed contracts go to the respective solicitors. If there are conditions with this offer and agreement, them your Sales Consultant will keep marketing your property until this agreement becomes unconditional.  Typical Conditions are things like: Finance being approved by the buyers bank, the buyer getting and being satisfied with a LIM (Land Information Memorandum), Reports completed eg. A Builders Report etc.   Your Sales Consultant will also stay in touch with your buyer helping to co-ordinate actions regarding any conditions on the contract being completed.


When all the terms and conditions on the signed contract have been met the Sale and Purchase Agreement becomes unconditional and your property has been sold!


Ensure the champagne is cold – this is the day you’ve been looking forward to! Once each party’s solicitors have completed the transaction, your solicitor will release the keys to the new owner. As a general rule of thumb, the seller moves out in the morning and the buyer moves in that afternoon.

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